Incabloc Shock Absorber System

Video animation by Bob Tascione Incabloc Shock Absorber System Prior to the arrival of floating jewel shock absorbers such as the Incabloc Shock absorbing system shown in the above animation most balance hole and cap jewels were press fit into settings. These settings were then inserted into the plate and balance cock and held rigidly in place with screws so …

bajaBob_101Incabloc Shock Absorber System

Geneva Stop Work

Geneva Stop Work The Geneva Stop Work known also as Maltese cross was a major contributor to timekeeping accuracy in both Watches and Clocks. The stop-work mechanism when used with older high carbon steel springs effectively ‘clipped’ or disengaged the end portions of a mainspring where extreme torque variation occurs leaving the middle much more constant torque flat portion of …

bajaBob_101Geneva Stop Work

Triple Chime Hammer Tail Repair

Triple Chime Hammer Tail Repair Here’s another helpful video by William covering an interesting triple chime hammer tail repair technique using a simple grinding fixture he built to fit on any watchmakers lathe. In the video he covers: Explanation of problems resulting from worn chime hammer tails How to build a simple but valuable fixture to hold the hammer tail …

bajaBob_101Triple Chime Hammer Tail Repair

Making a Lever Spring for a Waterbury Clock

Making a Lever Spring for a Waterbury Clock In this video William shows us his technique for making a lever spring for a Waterbury Clock. These springs are often broken or completely missing and are needed for proper functioning of lifting and locking levers used on almost all American made striking clocks from the 19th century. Shown here is: Tools …

bajaBob_101Making a Lever Spring for a Waterbury Clock

Watchmaking Today – The Incredible Dufore & Halter

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bajaBob_101Watchmaking Today – The Incredible Dufore & Halter

Watchmaker Clockmaker Tools

Scroll Down Page for Watchmaker Clockmaker Tools Video Kosmo runs through some newly acquired watchmaker clockmaker tools with great in-depth descriptions of how they are used in horology. Some are advanced tools still being manufactured by Malcomb Wild who is well know for producing top quality tools. This is a good video and is well worth watching for anyone interested …

bajaBob_101Watchmaker Clockmaker Tools

Hauser Pivot Polisher

Hauser Pivot Polisher Great video by William Porter showing his refurbished Hauser pivot polisher. This watch and clock pivot polisher was most likely used in a clock or watch making factory back in the 1940’s. Capable of burnishing pivots from .2mm to 6mm makes it an ideal machine for burnishing pocketwatch and clock pivots. Although this machine isn’t necessary for …

bajaBob_101Hauser Pivot Polisher

Making Clock Gear Cutters part 1

Making Clock Gear Cutters part 1 In this very informative first video of a multi video series William Porter touches on some simple cycloid tooth form theory as well as some homemade tooling he constructed for making clock gear cutters. This first video covers: Several books to learn about horological gear cutter theory and clock gear cutter theory. Making cutter …

bajaBob_101Making Clock Gear Cutters part 1

Making Clock Gear Cutters part 2

Making Clock Gear Cutters part 2 In this second video of the multi video series on making clock gear cutters William Porter takes us further into the interesting field of fabricating cycloidal clock gear cutters. These cutters can be quite expensive when purchased from supply houses so learning how to make our own can be a big money saver. Also …

bajaBob_101Making Clock Gear Cutters part 2

Making Clock Wheel Cutters part 3

Making Clock Wheel Cutters part 3 In the third video of the multi-video series on making clock wheel cutters William Porter continues his demonstration on making clock wheel cutters for cutting cycloidal clock pinions and clock wheels. This video covers: Explanation of the radial flank angle of a cycloid tooth. How to arrive at this angle. Description of his home …

bajaBob_101Making Clock Wheel Cutters part 3