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Making Clock Wheel Cutters part 3

In the third video of the multi-video series on making clock wheel cutters William Porter continues his demonstration on making clock wheel cutters for cutting cycloidal clock pinions and clock wheels.
This video covers:

  • Explanation of the radial flank angle of a cycloid tooth.
  • How to arrive at this angle.
  • Description of his home made tool holding sine bar.
  • Why the sine bar is used rather than the lathe compound tool holder.
  • Set-up of the sine bar on the lathe using gauge blocks (Jo blocks) for machining the exact radial flank angle on the gear cutting tool.

This is the final and necessary "set-up" video leading into the fourth video where William begins machining the cutter. Don't worry if you didn't grasp everything that was covered in the previous videos as all of this technical stuff will become clear in the the upcoming fourth machining video.

If you enjoyed this video please go to Williams YouTube channel at Making Clock Wheel Cutters Part 3 and give him a thumbs up and post a comment and definitely Subscribe to his channel as he has been putting a new video up every few days and they are all very informative.

Read more about 'Making Clock Wheel Cutters' and other topics at Clock Repair Forum and then click on Paul and Williams forum called ‘The Clockmakers Forum – Designing, Building and Parts Fabrication’ Also if you are in need of any clock repair or restoration work or clock parts fabrication you can visit William Porters website at Williams Website

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