How do I find my course after logging in?

You should be redirected to your Content page immediately after logging in. If that’s not the case or if you find that you have navigated out of your course and can’t find your way back then follow the link below for the simple and fast way to navigate there. 

Click on >This Link< for the quick solution.

Where Do I Sign up for the Ultra and How Much is it Today?

Sorry for the confusion. With the Special going on up here at the Site I’ve had to temporarily clutter up the path to the cart.

You can get to the Cart to see the total membership cost and can signup by clicking on This Link.

Is this a lifetime membership?

Yes! The Ultra Online Horology Course offer is a LifeTime membership. The one time payment gets you the lifetime membership. No recurring charges. Really!

Why combine Clock, Watch and Lathe Courses into one Package?

Because both Watches and Clocks are basically the same animal! Yes there are some differences but their simularities far out number those differences. They are both mechanical timepieces using gearing and a mechanical power source. A watch is more or less a larger clock made to be portable by miniturizing it’s basic components and incorporating an escapement not so affected by movement. Armed with the knowledge of how both operate you may well gain the ability to modify a repair technique used on a clock and apply it to a watch repair and vice versa.

As for the Lathe Course well that’s easy! The Lathe is used in both Clock and Watch Repair! You get that one too.

Also the Clock, Watch and Lathe courses are all included together at no extra cost to you! So the question should be Why Not include them all in one economical bundle?

Does the Ultra begin with the basics?

Yes it does but it doesn’t stop there!

Will I receive a Certificate upon completion?

No because there is no actual completion of the course! It’s completely self paced with no particular order to follow. Learn what you want to learn when you want to learn it. This is a lifetime membership with new content being added periodically.

Adobe Flash?

Although Adobe Flash is no longer supported by Adobe and most updated browsers block flash content there are still members who have found ways to use Flash. For this reason the Flash section is still available in your course. 

Is there a Members Forum?

Yes! There is an active members forum to engage with many other members. The Course Members forum has been up and running since 2010 and is the place to ask technical questions, chat with other course members and so on. Now packed with thousands of horologically related topics and posts the forum has become a popular goto place for researching just about anything you’ll need to know about clock and watch repair!


Because there are so many different types of Watches and Clocks giving a complete list and description here of every kind of tool isn’t really practical. Also there are many levels of quality and makes available that listing them all would take pages. Not to worry though as the Ultra Online Horology Course covers necessary tools demonstrating their use in the videos.

If you follow the links below you’ll find some helpful information that we have up here at LearnTimeOnline covering a bit about what will be needed. Should give you a pretty good idea of what you’ll need.

Watch Repair Tools

Clock Repair Tools


Can I ask Technical Questions?

The active General Forum is where all members post any technical questions etc. they may have. There are many course members who help one another up there and most clearly explained technical questions get answered.

Using the forum search function will often bring up past member posts covering just about any question you might have.

What is the Hermle Course?

You can read about the Hermle Course HERE