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Making Clock Pinion and Wheel Cutters Part 5

In his 5th article - Making Clock Pinion and Wheel Cutters Part 5 - William Porter continues his video tutorial covering that all important topic of how to fabricate our own cycloidal clock pinion and wheel cutters by:

  • Polishing the cutter blank using silicon carbide abrasives on his Schaublin 70 lathe.
  • Sets up his Atlas horizontal mill and shows his calculations for offsetting a cutter to end up with a 7 degree radial clearance rake.
  • He then cuts the clearance rake.
  • Once again he shows how to further offset the cutter for the final removal of material from the back edge of the cutter teeth and makes the final cut.

This is an excellent, most helpful must see video for anyone with an interest in making clock pinion and wheel cutters.

His next video takes us into heat treating the clock pinion cutter and using it to cut a pinion.

If you enjoyed this video please go to Williams YouTube channel at Fabricating multi tooth cycloidal cutters for clocks, Part 5 "polishing & cutting the cutter teeth" and post a comment, like and Subscribe to his rapidly growing YouTube channel.

You can read more about 'Making Clock Pinion and Wheel Cutters' and other topics at Clock Repair Forum and then click on Paul and Williams forum called ‘The Clockmakers Forum – Designing, Building and Parts Fabrication’

If you are ever in need of clock repair or restoration work and or clock parts fabrication then visit William Porters website at BornAgainClocks.com

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