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Making Seth Thomas Clock Parts

In this video William Porter shows his technique for making Seth Thomas Clock parts by cutting a new pinion as well as fabricating other components making up the fast/slow regulator assembly for dial side time regulating on a damaged Seth Thomas clock movement. This Seth Thomas clock was brought to his shop for repair as the owner could not slow the clock down enough without turning the fast/slow regulator assembly all the way to its slowest setting as well as placing lead shot sinkers onto the underside of the pendulum bob. The fast/slow assembly was badly damaged having bent parts and a missing leaf on one of the brass adjusting pinions. In addition, the movement required a complete overhaul. This video covers the more complicated and interesting topic of making these Seth Thomas clock parts.
Another interesting video put out by William. If you like his video please shoot over to YouTube at Fast Slow Clock Regulator Mechanism Rebuild and give him a thumbs up and maybe post a comment and definitely Subscribe to his channel as he has been putting a new video up every few days and they are all very informative.
You can read more about this and other topics at the FORUM at ClockRepairTips.com/forum and then click on Paul and Williams forum called ‘The Clockmakers Forum – Designing, Building and Parts Fabrication’ Also if you are in need of any clock repair or restoration work or clock parts fabrication you can visit William Porters website at http://BornAgainClocks.com

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