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Video by William Porter BornAgainClocks.com

Making a Clock Ratchet Wheel Click

William wanted to take the opportunity to film the making of a new ratchet wheel click and rivet needed for a customer clock repair he had just received in the shop. The ratchet wheel click was worn to the point where it could no longer safely contain the tightly wound mainsprings energy by locking the click wheel arbor assembly in place. Definitely not a good scenario if that click ‘lets go’ permitting the sudden release of power in a fraction of a second rather than the intended gradual flow of energy through the escapement over a full 8 day period. This sudden burst of energy leaving a clock movement can and often does result in enough physical shock to damage clock parts, break clock wheel teeth and pinion leaves, snap off pivots etc. It can also place the owner of the clock in a rather precarious position when after winding the mainspring arbor a few turns he or she realizes that the winding key cannot be removed from the arbor since the arbor will not lock in place to permit its removal. The spring must then be slowly unwound by carefully backing it down using both hands. Scary situation because if it slips out of ones paws for just a split second the key can and most likely will smack the daylights out of a knuckle. Of course this doesn’t happen to me. Well at least it hasn’t happened yet today but the day is still young! It does hurt!
As always William does a nice job describing his technique for making a part. His filming of the process of making a clock ratchet wheel click is well worth watching. If you like his video please shoot over to YouTube at Making a Clock Ratchet Wheel Click and give him a thumbs up and maybe post a comment and definitely Subscribe to his channel as he has been putting a new video up every few days and they are all very informative.
You can read more about this and other topics at the FORUM at ClockRepairTips.com/forum and then click on Paul and Williams forum called ‘The Clockmakers Forum – Designing, Building and Parts Fabrication’ Also if you are in need of any clock repair or restoration work or clock parts fabrication you can visit William Porters website at http://BornAgainClocks.com

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  1. An Interesting topic and video. I also commented on Williams forum post and subscribed to the mail list. Looking forward to more information.
    Thank you!

  2. Hello Ian, Thank you very much for the comments and subscribing. I read your post on the other forum about the shop, thank you, alot of work and yes, the shop is always changing. Have a great day, William

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