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Making Clock Gear Cutters part 2

In this second video of the multi video series on making clock gear cutters William Porter takes us further into the interesting field of fabricating cycloidal clock gear cutters. These cutters can be quite expensive when purchased from supply houses so learning how to make our own can be a big money saver. Also the techniques and tooling such as the radius grinding jig that is shown in the video can be used in other horological machining. If you haven't already seen "Making Clock Gear Cutters part 1" you can read it now by clicking Here.

This second video covers:

  • Williams homemade radius grinding jig and how it works.
  • How the radius grinding jig is setup on the lathe.
  • Actual grinding of the form tool used for machining the multi tooth cycloidal clock gear cutter blank.
  • How to adjust the camera angle to make your stomach appear larger. Just messing with you William! Watch the video and read Williams captions and you'll understand.

Another very helpful video by William. If you enjoyed this video please go to Williams YouTube channel at Fabricating multi tooth cycloidal cutters for clocks Part 2 and give him a big thumbs up, post a comment and please Subscribe to his channel as his new channel has new, interesting clock repair and clock making content going up every few days.

Read more about 'Making Multi tooth Horological gear cutters' and other topics at Clock Repair Tips Forum and then click on Paul and Williams forum called ‘The Clockmakers Forum – Designing, Building and Parts Fabrication’ Also if you are in need of any clock repair or restoration work or clock parts fabrication you can visit William Porters website at Williams Website.

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