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How to locate your advanced Hermle Clock Course after joining the Ultra Online Horology Course Special Offer.

Thanks for Joining!

Thanks for Joining!…I have received a few emails from people jumping in on the Special Offer and not being able to locate the advanced Hermle Clock Course in their Ultra Horology Course. Very sorry for that. My fault. It was late at night when I finished adding the Hermle to the Ultra and had planned to make a clean navigating path to the Hermle course next morning when my brain was working. Of course forgot! I would like to say that at 68 it’s an age thing but..I’ve always been this way! Anyway, it was a little confusing so made the navigation change. All’s well and simple now. Please take a look at the following video.

Also if you have other questions please take a look at the FAQ page HERE 

Thanks again! Bob

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