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    chris mabbott

      Occasionally my mind liquifies and runs out of my ears leaving a warm sticky fluid trail down my cheek 😆 When I saw this auction this is what happened..

      Did I wake up in a parellel universe where new collectors/hobbyist have lost all their sense in the quest to have a certain, not really special nor rare watch?
      So a warning to new watch people, don’t get caught up in a bidding, mines bigger, auction war like this, or people on watch forums will think you’ve lost your marbles 😆
      I must say the description is lovely though 🙄

      I’m a linkAUCTION FEVER

      bernie weishapl

        Yep that description is a good one. 😆

        chris mabbott

          Oh, I forgot, it has had a “complete overhaul” but wait, is that dirt I see? Oh, look at all of that dried grease and dirt around the inside of the case. The ovehaulers ultrasonic cleaner must not have been working too well, or he didn’t use a degreaser in it OR he forgot to turn the heater on 😆
          That guy needs your recipe Bernie, this is a case (pun intended) where plain water just didn’t cut it, the grease I mean :)

          bernie weishapl

            I know I noticed the same thing. How about on some of the gear teeth. Hence my sarcastic comment good description. Sorry but I would be ashamed and wouldn’t even put something like that out.


              They never said “when” it was overhauled..or by whom….. 😯

              I’ve seen worse…and for a much larger asking price…..” let the buyer beware !!!!”

              chris mabbott

                Oh yes, it was serviced in “the last week” but he must live in a very polluted place 😆
                I love his use of…. “A Fire Baked Dial” in bold, just for effect. But really though, this is a very special watch because it has BLUE SPADE HANDS WOW, that’s super mega rare.

                bernie weishapl

                  Yes and for you Chris I have a extremely, extremely rare Elgin 7j 16s. Only 380,000 ever made. It has BLUED HANDS which are also extremely rare. The dial is also a rare fired dial. It has been cleaned and oiled twice. For you today only $3133 for this extremely rare watch. Don’t let this one get away. 🙄

                  chris mabbott

                    @Bernie Weishapl wrote:

                    Yes and for you Chris I have a extremely, extremely rare Elgin 7j 16s. Only 380,000 ever made. It has BLUED HANDS which are also extremely rare. The dial is also a rare fired dial. It has been cleaned and oiled twice. For you today only $3133 for this extremely rare watch. Don’t let this one get away. 🙄

                    😆 😆 😆

                    bernie weishapl

                      LOL I thought you would enjoy that buddy. Just couldn’t resist. 😆 🙄


                        Well, I have to ask this, what makes this watch NOT worth the price someone has paid for it????

                        Prices do seem to be on the rise, what would you say gives this watch more value? Dial? Date? Case? forget about the little bit of gunk or whether its been serviced or not..

                        As far as the add I think its good salesmanship, I did not see anything that was said that was deceitful. actually a very good description revealing what was known about the watch.

                        Wouldnt yall do the same?

                        Or would you put a description on there like…Well, pretty good watch, kinda nice, sorta maybe runs I think, it is older but maybe not that old not sure, cracks and gunk all over, dial is different but looks stupid with extra numbers, case is sorta nice but you probably dont want that…… 🙄

                        Looks like there were 35 bids, If I had a watch to sell I too would hope for someone who REALLY wanted it to bid.

                        Chris…dont worry..get a towel and wipe your cheeks…there will be more out there ;)



                          Being new to clocks and watches, what do you think gives such “actual value” to this particular watch?


                            Hey Ren, for sure I am NOT a expert in value for clocks or watches.

                            Personally, I think for this particular watch the value increases because you have the Montgomery dial, nice un-dented clean case, 14kt…even though its gold filled, running condition. But remember, I am not a appraiser. There are probably alot of other “actual value” components I am unaware of.

                            I believe that “actual value” only drives 1/2 of the buying process unless your buying and selling as a job. In my opinion if your going to buy something for a collection, personal use, buy what you like and enjoy it, a future return on a investment is nice if you dont croak first.

                            We dont know why the buyer paid what he did in this case, could it be a sentimental reason? could it be he was just excited? thats great as long as he isnt starving for the next week. could it be “the one” he was missing from a collection? Who knows for sure.

                            Have fun, William


                              Hi William,
                              I was thinking along the same lines as yourself.
                              I purchased a pretty old Kenwood transciever a while back. It’s finals are vacume tubes. To me, the audio is just so, sooo much better than any of the new radios, that I ended up paying top dollar for the radio. Guys in my ham radio club think I was nuts for having paid what I paid for it but, truth be told, If I had to do it all over again, I would. The radio was mint and the audio is absolutely incredible. I guess some purchases are just special to some people.
                              BTW, I’ve got to say…..
                              Thanks to Bob and all the other members of this forum for being who and how you are. This has to be one of the best forums I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a member of and I’m a member of many forums. None are as friendly and as helpful as this one. You all are way cool….Peace!

                              chris mabbott

                                William, ill try to answer your questions.

                                There are a number of factors that point to this being bidding fever or mines bigger, plus a flowery description. The winners very low amount of bids and their joining eBay date, screams noob.

                                One of the things IS the “serviced last week” comment. Ok maybe it was, but define service!
                                If you took your car to be serviced, and all they did was change oil, not the filter nor anything else, would that be a service?
                                Obviously if you were a mechanic you’d laugh.
                                In this case you’re a watch repairer that can spot the obvious signs.

                                I know it’s dependent upon a persons idea, in your case you’re in the business so a service is a cost issue.
                                That’s fine, but, serviced in this case could mean just looked at, or he tweaked the regulator, or he set the time. But it’s IMPLIED that it has been cleaned, oiled, timed etc. which to me is the definition of serviced.

                                Whether or not the seller only paid $10 or more, is irrelevant, it’s the word SERVICED that is misleading when indicators on the watch/case say otherwise.

                                As DeCarle and many other professionals clearly state, it is impossible to time a dirty watch. Timing is included in a service. If not, it’s not a service if the watch doesn’t keep time, which the seller also claims it does. So two conflicting indicators/stories

                                There is and old saying, buy the movement not the case/dial. Nor the story, in this case a nice story is attached.
                                Yes, it’s called salesmanship, but selling a pair of reading glasses to a blind person is also salesmanship, doesn’t make it right.

                                I could buy a GF case for $50. I could buy a Canadian RR dial for $50-150, rare they ain’t. So we have, at max, $250 for case and dial..
                                Don’t forget that these are parted out prices! Not the over inflated book prices of those ridiculous price guides.

                                You can buy a 992 for $250- 350, cased. Or less, or more. But 1k is a bit daft.
                                Again, not a rare watch.
                                One of the members on this forum just won 2 – 992s plus another grade for $300.

                                The reason that the seller paid this price?? Could be anything but.. It’s not rare, I can find others on the bay for two thirds less. So missing from his collection…?
                                I would say that he was taken by the description, he was watching it for 10 days, he became attached and was determined not to be outbid.
                                Auctions are emotional and emotions can block clear thinking.

                                I’m sure the seller was very happy, anyone would be, but the issue is that it’s bidding fever like this, that other sellers see, and think…. Oh gee whiz, my watch is worth $2000 LOL
                                That’s how over pricing starts, which ultimately raises the price of parts, tools, supplies etc. then the business stops, because prices go higher and higher, and like taxes, they never go down.
                                The exact same thing has happened with militaria, and it was stared by noobs and dealers. Now it’s stagnant as nothing is sold nor purchased.

                                Lets face it, it’s the buyers who dictate the prices as something is only worth what someone pays for it, and bid results inspire BUY IT NOW prices, unfortunately it’s the new collectors, those that have a fully loaded credit card and have not studied the market values, that are being greedily seen by other sellers/buyers and causing the stampede.
                                As Bernie mentions about the 7j watch, this is actually a reality, crazy as it sounds.

                                So now anyone that followed this auction and has a 992 to sell will think they can raise the bar to that limit. Trust me, I study eBay auctions as a hobby, you can learn a lot about future trends.

                                I would say most new people in this hobby want to buy cheap, get it running and sell high. This is why we see more overly high priced buy it now’s, than auctions. No one wants to take a loss on their “investment”. This is why private collector groups have started, these groups buy, sell, and trade amongst themselves. These are collectors and historian groups, they aren’t interested in if a watch is running, but they do know value.
                                This auction was actually posted in the group I belong to as a joke.

                                So, the question that should be asked is… if he resells this watch how much do you think he will want for it & how will this effect the market?
                                Keep WATCHing


                                  Well, I guess thats the way the ball bounces 🙄 . So…how much should I sell my 992 open face Montgomery dial in mint condition? Serviced of course. That ends up being the question, or, how much would you sell me yours for?

                                  Neat thing about being a buyer is that you dont have to buy, bad thing about selling…if I ask too much you may give me a earful and I will need the towels to wipe my cheeks 😆

                                  Always fun with you Chris :D

                                  P.S. I think the 2nd highest bidder was at 900 and had over 700 purchases (was that you?)

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