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      Hey Fella’s,

      Can you feel the palpable excitement???

      I just did the teardown. What a beautiful Watch! Here are some pics to get you started:

      S/N C75501. Question I have is, who is Hayden W. Wheeler? Unless I’m very wrong, this railroad-grade watch is also a “HWW” model. I see the top dollar as $550 or $560 in the books and online – would this “HWW” model increase the value? This watch was built in 1943.

      More in a minute. Have a problem with a part.


      Tim :)


        Hokay, so I have a tooth missing on the lower crown, or transmission wheel. I’ll share a pic in a minute.

        Is it that big a deal if one tooth is missing? This customer is very sentimental about his grandfather’s watch – the man was a switchman for the C&O Railroad in the 50’s and 60’s. Here are some pics:

        So, yeah, what do you think? Big deal, or not? I think ultimately, I’ll let the client decide, but need your help, if you would be so kind as to provide him with some good info in order to make his choice.


        Tim :)


          Hey Tim..nice watch !
          As you would probably suspect..that missing tooth will only cause wear to the wheel it engages.
          You have a nice high grade watch there, and there would be a real interest in making it “perfect”.

          That said..it’s up to your customer.
          You could look for a non-running movement that would give you the part you need. but of course it will come at a cost.
          I would think that this might be your only option to secure a replacement…and again it’s up to the customer.
          Your responsibility is to show them what the issue is, explain the risk/benefits of their decision, and offer what you can in the way of advice in regards to keeping this in the best working order.


          chris mabbott

            Yes to what sir Randolph suggests :) These are always eye opening watches in this configuration i.e dial/case/hands

            Maan Tim, your desk looks clean buddy, mine is like a pig hole, I’m inspired to clean 😆


              The only other option you have is to find someone to cut you a new wheel. Bob can do things like that but he no longer takes in watch work. He may be able to put you in touch with someone who could make one but again it would be down to cost. My friend Daryn could cut one but he would charge somewhere in the region of $120.


                Hey, BIG BROTHER, how’s it goin’, Randy?

                Great to hear from you, and thanks for the wonderful info. I’ll let you guys know how it shakes out.

                Chris, I do like to keep it nice an orderly in the VICINITY of my watch work. It makes me feel more “watch makery,” but that says NOTHING of the surrounding area, and my mountain of unfolded clean clothes that I usually pick through to see what I can wear (like underwear, etc.) without actually FOLDING it. Good times. Ahhhhh…the single life. (OH, and I also like to keep a couple watches running in the background, as you can see them sitting on my bench. Man, it puts me into some kind of otherworldly Zen state – and I’m not even kidding. NO, I am NOT possessed like Beyoncé is, haha.

                Thanks Paul, I’ll see if my buddy wants to drop that kind of cack on this watch. It belonging to Grampa and all, maybe he wants to keep it absolutely original, and I think I can do that and still have it work just fine – notwithstanding the stress Big Brother Randy alluded to.


                Tim :)


                  Hey Tim…doing fine…thanks for asking !!!

                  Take care…keep us up to date !




                    It’s too bad you didn’t find the missing tooth in the movement. Bunnspecial has a YouTube video where had the same problem, but he found the missing tooth. He silver soldered the thing back on and got it working. Not very elegant mind you…but it’s the bunnspecial approach at it’s finest.



                      Yeah Tom, I can hear him in my head…

                      WAT A PAIN IN DA NECK…wooop wooop WOOOOP WOOPPP WOOOPP!!!! WOOOOOPPP!!!

                      Always givin’ me a hard time, SHEESH I can never get da dam thing to work right…Pain in the neck…

                      Nah, I’ll pass on that ole’ boy. He’s way more annoying than helpful with what limited information he has to offer folks. But, thanks anywho. Thanks, Tom :)

                      …and I’m fading fast…

                      ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz nite guys…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


                        If that’s the winding wheel part # 313C ? If so Jules Borel shows they have them in stock:

                        WINDING WHEEL
                        Price Each $ 34.40

                        I’m not 100% sure thats the right part # but it might be.


                            Tim I know what you mean about ticking watches on your desk. I keep 2 or 3 that I don’t have cases for yet wound and ticking loudly as I work on others. It is exactly like you say very calming! I need calming when I’m working on watches. LOL I also keep a couple sitting on my recliner table in our main room but the ticking drives my daughters crazy and they won’t sit in my recliner just because of that, IMO that’s a win-win for me! It’s sad they can’t appreciate my watches…..


                              actually just working on watches seems to calm me, I can sit down and start on a watch and the next thing I know it is 3 am, it just seems to relax me and with the focus required, time just flies..


                                Thanks Glenn! I appreciate all your info an help along the way. You too, Steve :) Um…Guys…I have an…


                                So, here’s what this beautiful little project ended up being:

                                1. My customer opted to KEEP the winding wheel with the missing tooth – it was his Grampa’s watch – missing tooth, or no. There’s something magical about a wheel with a missing tooth that belonged to your Grampa.

                                2. I found the CAUSE of that tooth being knocked off, it was A LOOSE DIAL SCREW FROM ANOTHER MOVEMENT floating around inside the case. No, I was not able to locate the tooth :( Perhaps because I was not aware of it being missing until, well, you know, until I got to THAT part of the watch teardown and noticed it! A lot can happen between the first opening and when a guy sees something like that.

                                3. I KNOW WHAT THE LAST SERVICER WORE: There were tweed fibers EVERYWHERE inside the watch. From the pallet lever to the inside of the case, to underneath the bridges, and on and on. Poor, poor approach to watchmaking if you ask me. If you can’t keep the tweed fibers from your sports coat from getting into the movement, TAKE YOUR JACKET OFF for cripes sake!!! :/ Oh, boy.

                                4. The finish came out beautifully.

                                5. I learned that the crystal is plastic. Any ideas on how to re-glue it in? I’m guessing that is what the owner will want, though I will check before I do.

                                Thanks Fella’s, I appreciate all the help and support, too :)


                                Tim :)

                                david pierce

                                  Plastic crystals should not have to be glued in. Gluing in a watch crystal is usually done with a glass crystal that is slightly undersize to fit into the watch bezel without breaking. A glass crystal that is oversize can break if you try to squeeze it. Go to HOW I INSTALL A CRYSTAL FROM A BULOVA WATCH WITH CRYSTAL LIFT TOOL by, you guessed it, Bunn Special. 😳

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