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😡 Hey Bernie and friends,
I thought I would be moving right along with my Grandmother clock restoration. But so far I’m still on the door. Yesterday when I got started of course unexpected company comes by and hangs out until about eight, not bad, got back on it and here comes my cousin and his wife from two county’s over to see my wife and we all stayed-up until about 0500R (5:00AM.) After eating and having a couple of cocktails, just a couple. Were not big on drinking around here and he had to drive back home so I didn’t do any promoting on drinking. Talk about upsetting though 😯 OK anyway I thought I’d sleep until about 9:00am. :) NOPE, 8:30 my wife wakes me telling me that she had a 9:30 doctors appointment, so I stumble to the shower and then get dressed and off we go. Got there about 9:15 just to sit until 11:45 before they called her in 😡 . 12:52 were out of there and unbeknown to me she wants to go out and sit in a restaurant and have lunch :o, Golden Coral. Now I’m counting the minuets as she as she dines on what seemed to be “EVERYTHING” in the restaurant 😯 . So around 3:00pm today we finally get home :D and I get started on my project once more now it’s 5:30pm yup, guess who now :?: Yup her sister her old man and of course the kids yup, of course it’s nice outside and yup, I have been nominated grill master for the evening 🙄 . So here are a couple of pics on my close to retrogress project. “YUP”, that’s all folks :|.

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