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    Harold G, I do use a drill press, an old floor model that I had used for years in woodwork, also use a unimat that my wonderful wife bought for me for real cheap. Neither are super accurate. I am not saying the drill press is not a great tool to have, I think someday I will have to figure something else out for drilling. what I was really getting to while reading the posts here was cost, I find I would rather spend the money on other tools before, like David put well, @Harold G wrote:

    there is really no reason that I know to spend a small fortune for unnecessary precision and speed.

    Starting out in horology is a daunting experience with tooling and supplies, It can be very costly in just getting the basics, I am rather new and have spent thousands. throughout this last year there has been some good purchases and some bad for me. Like I was saying before, I have not yet had the driving force to buy a super accurate drill press and I find other tools that are used more often to accomplish the task at hand or should I say to refurbishing a clock or pocketwatch, but you never know that day may come, seems like the more you learn the more tools you need (or at least that is my excuse). Everyone is a little different and please dont take what anyone has to say as gospel but as good advice and information (especially me ). I am rather limited in metalworking and do enjoy and learn much from conversations about lathes and drill presses ect…. great technical information….in a nutshell….I try to get by with what I have until I get that driving force to upgrade and just like you I do all the homework first because the tree I had in the backyard quit growing money, Only one more thing and maybe David has some ideas on this, is there a small hand operated drill press that would be highly accurate???? Thanks all and have a fantastic day, William