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    @david pierce wrote:

    The motor is a good one and is about the same size (NEMA 48) as the Sincere motor. The Sincere motor that I purchased came with two step pulleys, the motor capacitor and a foot switch for about $200.00 including shipping. By the time you add the pulleys and the foot switch the price will be the same. Also, the Enco motor will also have a shipping charge. This means that in the end, the prices will be about the same. I would go with the Sincere motor; in fact, come to think of it, I did.

    Yea… I think I’ll just stop looking and order the Sincere. What I’m really waiting on is gettimg a shop table built. I should have it in a few weeks, so I won’t have anymore excuses. ;) So once I get my Levin setup…

    So, If I wanted try to build my own pocket watch cases, I would probably need something like the Taig.. correct?