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Reversing the lathe direction is usually used in conjunction with cutting threads. You may want to cut an internal thread and have the boring threading tool thread on the way out of the part instead of in to the part. Another application might be to cut a metric thread with an inch pitched lead screw. Since there is no particular mathematical correlation between the inch based lead screw and the metric thread the carriage will have to be threaded back on each cut. The reverse feature can also be used to back out taps. This is engine lathe work and does not apply well to watchmaker lathes. I know, I know, some watchmaker lathes (Levin, Boley) have back gear sets that hook a drive shaft to the crosslide but in my view the setup is at best Mickey Mouse. That is the major reason you don’t see a lot of backgear sets for sale for these lathes. It is more of a novility than a useful tool. Harbor Freight, Grizly and other companies sell engine lathes with back gears that are set up for this kind of work.
This brings us to what direction do you want your motor to turn? This depends upon how you mount the motor. If you are looking at the back of the lathe you will see the lathe turning clockwise. Your motor must turn in a direction that makes the lathe do this. Most people would want the motor mounted on a bench or a board along side the lathe. In that case the lathe and the motor would turn in a clockwise direction when looking at the back of the lahe. Sherline, I believe, flip the motor around so it hangs out on the outside of the lathe. In that case the motor would have to turn counterclockwise for the lathe to turn clockwise when looking at the back of the lathe.
These motors can also be wired for 220 volts. Make sure that you wire it for 110 volts or you will fry the capicator. No, you do not need a toggle switch.


How do the motors at Enco stack up against the SINCERE/MERLIN motors? Here’s a 1/4 hp that I’ve been looking at (single phase/split phase)…


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