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Bob Tascione

    Hi Kenton,
    We can try to find the problem through process of elimination.
    First try turning off the anti-virus if you haven’t already.
    Vista can have problems at times but first I’d like to address Firefox file download setting issues if that’s alright with you.
    Let me ask first though…do you happen to have Internet Explorer installed as well as Firefox? If so please try downloading with explorer. If not then the following link has some good suggestions to try.

    The first one “Clear download history” is VERY important as your first failed download has been cached and will possibly result in future password failure.

    Here’s the link:

    There are a few easy things in the list that you can try so I suggest trying those first. You may need to clear the download history if you have a failed download attempt.

    I’ll be here most of the night and will check on other problems that may be causing the failure so please let me know how things turn out. I’m trying to put together a download trouble shooting list so all feedback (especially if something works!) is important. We can go from there if you’re still having download issues.

    Thanks Kenton,