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    Larry Orr
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    Anybody used Zenith Radiant cleaner?  Just bought a bottle and used it today to clean up a Hermle movement I had disassembled.  Put some in the ultrasonic cleaner and turned it on for 5 minutes.  It got so hot I couldn’t touch the outside of my ultrasonic cleaner.  Fished the parts out, rinsed them in warm soapy water then a rinse in some clean water.  Got the parts really clean but I never expected the solvent to get so hot.  I had been using a mix of ammonia, dish soap and water may go back to that…


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    Hey Larry.

    Two things come to mind

    1. Did you thoroughly clean out the ammonia-soap residue before adding the new cleaner ? Thinking the ammonia may have “boosted” the heat index due to chemical reaction.

    2. Is there are recommended temp for this solution ? Many times I’ve seen where they state that you should not heat them, as it can actually reduce the efficiency.

    Here’s a link from Zenith that may help ?


    Temperature Effects


    Best regards,


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