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      Hi All,

      I’m in the process of taking this clock apart but can’t get the hour hand off, any ideas?
      No pins or screws that I can find, thinking it might be pressed on.
      Hope to avoid taking movement apart in the box but may be my only option.
      Tried to upload some pics but wouldn’t work, sorry.



        Hi :)
        Hour hands are normaly just a push fit as you say, you can buy a tool to remove them but it can be done with a pair of screwdrivers. Use a thick piece of card to protect the dial, cut a “V” in the card and slide it under the hand and then put the screwdrivers under the flange of the hour hand directly opposite each other and twist them in the opposite direction to each other. Just be gentle and look for movement as you do it, if you see the hand start to move up you know you are ok. I have not yet come across hour hands being held on by any other method but you never know!
        Hope this helps.


          Thanks Paul, this one must really be stuck.
          I have tried two screw drivers and put more presser on it than I wanted
          (hope I haven’t damaged anything in the movement).
          Looks like the movement will have to come apart in the box.



            Howdy, I have never had this problem but I was just thinking about it. if you dont mind I have a thought 🙄 did you put some kind of oil and let it soak in for awhile??? also wondering if a little heat on the hour hand bushing, like with a solder iron, or coarse you do not want to burn or melt anything 😯 . JUST me thinking. be careful, have fun and I hope you get it!!!! William

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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