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    chris mabbott
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    I’m sure we all know that our very own brave sir William is creating a new marvel that will be known as heaven on earth, only to be rivaled by Rolex’ workshop, but we haven’t heard a peep or seen any photos of the progress, I for one am a little disappointed with our new Mod as I had hoped for a running photographic progress report in thread form. :?

    I just hope that he hasn’t used all of his energy and become so enthralled that he’s forgotten about us less fortunate mortals out here in poverty land 😆
    C’mon William, lets have an update buddyyyyy 😆

    bernie weishapl
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    I was wondering the same thing Chris. I talked with him a few days ago and haven’t heard or seen him on here since. Hope things are ok and he is just busy.

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    Have no fear Chris, I have been busy with the shop remodel and no time to stop with photo essays, trust me though…..I have been keeping an eye on things……. especially you my friend :shock:…… I thought I would show how I build the benches when I get to them (if I survive long enough), they will be very sturdy yet very economical.
    Thanks guys for thinking of me.

    chris mabbott
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    We’re happy to see that you’re surviving sir William, but a word of caution, try not to work yourself to a frazzle, which will obviously be a grand excuse for a long sabbatical 😆

    I for one am anxiously waiting to see your new project, sounds like it will be worth all the work at the end…Don’t eat your pudding though, before your meat :D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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chris mabbottWOW or Where’s Our William??