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      Well, here it is Guys, in all its glory – did I mention we have to eat on the couch now???

      Tim :)


        very nice, great lighting….. @maitai11 wrote:

        did I mention we have to eat on the couch now

        Thats o.k….we eat huddled together standing in a corner 😆 so I guess you have enough room for more tools ;) I just keep telling my wife… “Its all Bobs fault” ….. but shes starting to not believe me 😯 William


          Nice start! It really looks great already, but you soon will find out that you always need something you do not have ;).
          Shopping around for new tools is part of the fun :)



            Have re-sized the picture for you Tim. A great start and all looks very tidy. One very useful piece of equipment you can make yourself is like a raised tray or small table to bring things up to eye height. You will find occasions when this becomes pretty useful and if your knees aint creaking already you might find yourself spending a bit of time on them without one. The other most common hands and knees position (known in the trade as the “Swiss position”) will be when searching for dropped parts or small screws which have broken free of your tweezers at great speed.
            You might want a cushion on that chair too ;)


              Nice start Tim.

              Paul is right…you want to get your work up to eye level asap.
              It helps your neck and shoulders immensely, and adds to your stability while doing delicate tasks.

              And to mitigate the swiss position,.I use a two row 12″ wide magnet on a stick…..saves the knees and helps to find the really tiny items.

              Keep sharing…and welcome to the group !



              bernie weishapl

                Great start and in a nicely lite area. We eat on the couch anyway so it wouldn’t bother my wife. 😆

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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