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      G’day All

      I’m still new at this awesome hobby and recently jumped into the deep end with a beautiful Winterhalder and Hofmeier mantle clock I picked up at auction. It’s a fine movement and the time train is working well, however when I got it the chime was not working (or only striking the first note. I have took the movement out and trying to work out the strike and how it works as its very different from the usual rack and snail. The main problem I am struggling with is the count and 1/4 chimes to work in order.

      Im hoping someone out here an help or have some diagrams/tips on how it should all work? Please see some photos attached:

      Most grateful,

      Julian. Bulli, NSW//AUS


        Hello Julian, @jc747400 wrote:

        jumped into the deep end

        you are right about that….It may be difficult to explain, it is alot easier for me when I have them in hand. I suggest long study of its function and remember that since I cannot see what is happening with it I may be off on any ideas, so please dont bend or tweek anything until you understand it, they are very nice movements and it may be difficult or expensive to find any parts or have them made.

        I have worked on several of these and other movements that are similar in design, though the concepts are the same. Please study and understand what everything is doing before making any changes.

        @jc747400 wrote:

        only striking the first note

        so is it only playing one note or one sequence of notes?

        @jc747400 wrote:

        I am struggling with is the count and 1/4 chimes to work in order

        do you mean the order of the notes for the 1/4 hour or the after the top of the hour with the number of strikes for the hour?

        The chime /pin barrel can be adjusted to be in its proper place for each 1/4 hour chime (looks like a set screw on the drive gear for the chime/pin barrel but cannot tell for sure.) Once the chime train is in its locked position and working correctly for each 1/4 hour move the chime/pin barrel to the proper spot…now this all depends on if the rack,gathering pallet, rack hook and snail are functioning properly, lifting and locking, clean and in the right position, this is the first thing even without worrying about the notes it plays. My wife just came in and I need to go!!!! let us know what you are figuring out with your movement, talk soon.


          G’Day William, hey thanks for the advise and makes sense. At the moment Its all assembled back but when I get the time I will have another crack and take some more photos (unfortunately I only thought of this after I put it back together!). This is what I love about this hobby, its mentally challenging but frustrating when you can’t figure it out. However, like you say its better to get advise than damage something.
          Will be back in touch to plug you expertise!
          Many thanks,

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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