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    david pierce

      You have not been on the forum for awhile. Hope everything is OK.


        Hey David, great thread, I have been wonderin where he is too, He will probably make up some lame excuse like he is busy with other things or something ;) but I think he is just napping 😆 take care buddy, William


          ya know, the other day, I was wondering the same thing :?:


            From what I think I know of Chris is, his absence is leaning more toward a problem he is having with something and his absence allows him to devote more attention to it. :P Let us not consider him, MIA or AWOL as of yet. :P Hold your thoughts ;) and as I always say: I’ll be right back. 8-)

            chris mabbott

              Greetings mi brethren :)

              Thank you for the thread, I’m back from a work trip that I thought would be a few days but turned into two weeks!!
              So it sometimes goes lol. Then during Easter I went to Germany for 4 days and enjoyed looking around the great antique shops in Leipzig, most of them contained all the temptations that could have easily emptied my wallet or seriously chewed up my card… i.e. watches, clocks and iron crosses 😆 fortunately I have most of the makers of the latter and the super rare ones I would like to have are probably tucked away in someone’s vault. The other thing that saved me was…. I don’t collect Swiss watches, only American, WooHoo and I haven’t taken the plunge into clocks yet, although I have climbed the ladder and I’m standing on the diving board platform, considering ;)
              So fortunately it was food and weiss beer lol

              I did pick up one watch that caught my attention, not sure yet if it’s Swiss or German, I haven’t had time to play, I was on a project in BF Portugal, the mobile service was sketchy at best and the data rate was zero, which caused my online pursuits to be halted, like hitting an oak tree with your car LOL
              I’m not a mobile junkie, or at least I thought I wasn’t until it was taken away, I found myself constantly checking for service, missed calls, emails etc, I didn’t even bother leaving it in my trailer, just in case 😯 sad but true.

              The good news is that a few items arrived while I was away, which ill unbox today, one of which is a long sought after # 128 K&D mainspring winder that is complete and looked unused :-) I’ve been searching a long time for the right one, at least I hope it’s in one of the boxes.

              It’s now time to read the posts that I’ve missed and catch up with what you guys have been working on. Once again, thank you for your concern, it’s nice to be thought of , hey, great epitaph ;)

              bernie weishapl

                Welcome back Chris. Good to see ya back.


                  Nice to have you back Chris, you have been missed :)


                    Glad you are back, now I can pick your brain 😆

                    chris mabbott

                      Thanks guys, it’s good to be back..

                      Bernie how are you doing after your surgery? Did you go for part two yet? Are you back to full steam in your shop..

                      Paul, William and Bob told me I had to take a break so that you could get more posts up LOL
                      Hey, I’m going to post something that will crack you up, but I will definitely need your and the others advice. This is a warning to please be gentle with me, at first 😮

                      Bobpat, I haven’t got much left to pick at but you’re always welcome to those few remaining crumbs 8-)

                      bernie weishapl

                        Thanks for asking Chris. I have had round two and had my post op eye appointment. He told me I was 20/20 in the left eye and 20/15 in the left but that I had to wait for another 2 weeks to let the eyes settle and then we will see. So far I can read the newspaper and work on the computer with no glasses. I do need readers to see the fine print like on bottles, boxes, etc. I have another week of drops to put in and then I am cleared to go he said. All that said I am happy. Colors are brighter and white is now white.

                        Hope your trip was a good one and your down time was good.

                        chris mabbott

                          Good news Bernie, I’ve just spoken with a friend who had it done last week, she wore glasses her whole life, now she doesn’t need them, she was almost crying with joy when she said she doesn’t have to fumble for her specs in the morning 😯

                          Bernie, married men do not have down time, unless it is first pre-approved at the higher level, if that were the case, surely men would outlive women 😆 Do I smell a conspiracy over here..Hmm

                          The trip to die fatherland was good, I always enjoy Germany, although I tend to return broke and fatter, I ate and purchased some of the finest sausages I’ve ever tasted, just like the moose sausage the guys back home would give me in trade for fixing their PCs Yummy..

                          Leipzig is a cute little city, just the right size, I never saw one cop, anywhere, nor a police car, I didn’t hear a siren, nada. Clean as a new pin and one thing that always amazes me, is when I’m in a shop, mall, restaurant, and people have their dogs with them, but none of the dogs ever seem to bark or crap, because not one turd is to be seen, unlike Spain, where you have to play hopscotch through the mine fields 😆
                          A very civilized place where people eat,almost constantly, smoke, drink and are merry… I may move there one day.. I think I have some pics of food…

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