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      Hi Bob
      Where are the inexpensive lathes? Ebay is outrageous, being layed off i cant afford to travel to the shows to look.
      With your contacts gathering together lathes and selling at a reasonable price would be awesome.
      Food for thought
      Ben Goff


        Ben you might try here( http://www.dashto.com/). They come up with stuff all the time.


        Bob Tascione

          Hi Ben,
          As Kenton says…Dashto has some good deals on lathes from time to time. Also try Uncle Larrys at http://www.execulink.com/~lfoord/tools.html
          Maybe someone else up here knows of other good places to buy them.
          If you’re not in too big a hurry good deals do come up on eBay. You have to keep checking and try to use different key word searches such as jewelers lathes, watchmakers lathes, watch lathes, clock lathes, clockmakers lathes, miniature lathes, mini lathes and any other variation you can think of. If you keep an eye up there you will probably get lucky. But you are right…prices are generally higher than when I did the videos but then again so is everything else!

          If I hear of a good deal I’ll send you the info Ben,

          Good hunting,


            I was looking on ebay for a lathe as well. Big $$ for a decent one.
            But… It’s the old supply and demand thing. Buy it now’s on ebay are crazy sometimes resulting in a seller not selling.
            But legit bids ? It’s the real world ! I guess this hobby/biz we’re into is resulting in more demand than supply has.
            BTW… Bob… Just rec’d an 1896 Waltham 17 jewel Riverside size 18 on ebay. Winning bid $52. I’m happy !
            Theoriginalwatchlady sent it in a cool plastic movement holder. It can’t rattle and is sealed, mostly, from dust.
            I emailed her asking where they might be gotten. Will post if + results. Does anyone know where these can be bought ?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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