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    Bob Tascione

      Happy New Years Everyone!
      I know we all get frustrated at times and wonder if we have the dexterity it takes to work on watches and clocks.
      Here’s a video that helps me turn off that negative attitude switch when it hits (like when I’m crawling around on the floor for an hour looking for that part that I should never have lost).
      This is an amazing man. Worth watching and reading everything he says.
      Thought this might be a good video to put up here this first day of 2014.
      Enjoy and please post your thoughts!
      The video link:


        I think one of the biggest things lacking these days is patience. Because we live in an “instant” world most people seem to think if they cant do something at their first attempt then they can never do it. I had that very experience when learning to cut a balance staff, I would get so frustrated after getting so far through it and then doing something to ruin it, anger can sometimes take over and stop you thinking clearly about what has just happened. Its easy to just sit back and say “Well I screwed that up, maybe i shan’t bother again” or you could say “I have just been practicing my turning, my skill in this is improving and I am getting closer. William stated in a recent post it took him a few attempts to make that screw he showed us. the magic words – “a few attempts”. If something needs to be learnt, especially if it is a complex procedure, then you can guarantee it will take at least “a few attempts”.
        When things are getting you down walk away – take a break – do something else, come back to the problem refreshed and if you get to the same point of frustration then walk away again. I do this on a regular basis and it helps and is one of the most valuable tips I can ever give.
        I bet the guy in the video had his fair share of “a few attempts” but guess what, he is doing it.
        Keep at it guys, dont ever let it get you down, remember this is supposed to be fun and when it stops being fun, walk away and take a break.
        Happy new year to you all :)
        Thanks for posting the video Bob, certainly got a message across to me :)


          Thanks for the video Bob…what an inspiration !!!!

          And a happy new year to all of my fellow craftspersons out there !

          As for crawling around on the floor…well….I started using a white sheet under my bench,…and of course a bar magnet !

          Saved me from assuming the “Swiss position” as often………




            Thank you Bob, Watched this with my wife and kids, created a great discussion about potential, My conclusion after watching this video is this, I am ashamed of ever complaining. William



              In the past I have complained about having vision in only one eye – but never again. I’m not even worthy to tie his sandles. 😳

              Thank you so much for posting this.


                This man is incredible and as a beginner within a new year, I have no reason to voice any complaints. So from here on I’ll try to reframe from complaints and drive on only with questions/answers and repairs. Thanks for the post Bob. Ed….. ➡ Moving-on…..

                david pierce

                  Apart from the obvious message about someone with a lot of intelligence and determination overcoming a debilating handicap, a second message is that there is no correct way to accomplish a task. Everyone must take what they were given to work with and use what works best for them. This man is not a handicaped watchmaker. He is a watchmaker.

                  Bob Tascione

                    I’m glad you guys liked the video! Wang Jianhai is an inspiration to me too at times when I question my abilities or drive to do or complete a ‘tasking’ task. He had to learn or develop different ways to do the same job that I would normally just take for granted.

                    It looks like the video touched each of us in different ways.

                    Probably not fair that I ask for comments without giving mine too. So here goes….

                    I believe there WAS a Watchmaker with a handicap but it wasn’t Wang Jianhai. Wang Jianhai believed in himself so for him there probably never was a handicap. Wangs friend is the true master for me because as David pointed out he knew that there were many different ways to do the same task. In my mind he’s a hero in this story since he opened the mind of the Master Watchmaker and the door to Wangs watchmaking life. Without his friends insight Wangs possibly one and only opportunity could have vanished.

                    It seems our ‘handicaps’ are just beliefs we’ve developed through life long conditioning. We believe that things have to be done a certain way and then ask others to believe and live by the same rules. We not only limit our own creativity but the creativity of those around us. By telling others there’s only one way is no different than saying it ‘Can’t’ be done unless it’s done my way. Creativity and ‘Can’t’ never seem to co-exist well together. The master watchmaker didn’t believe it was possible, Wang obviously knew he had physical limitations if he pursued traditional techniques but I think he believed he could create new techniques that would compliment his strengths which could work as well if not better than the norm and his friend just believed in possibilities that an open mind can always bring.

                    This is a ‘don’t get set in your ways’ video for me that I watch frequently to keep me in line. I tend to watch it when I become unappreciative for what I have or judgmental and critical of others for not conforming to ‘my’ beliefs or living up (or down) to my standards.

                    My New Year Wish is that we all continue to keep our ears, eyes, hearts and minds open to each others ideas, thoughts and feelings and that this coming year is just as educational and fun as 2013.

                    Happy New Year and Thanks everyone!!!

                    chris mabbott

                      Thanks for sharing the video Bob, I can only echo the previously posted sentiments.


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