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    Got a little French timepiece movement on the go today.
    Whats everyone else working on?

    bernie weishapl
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    Be working on a Kieninger triple chime that is acting funky. The chimes work now and then. I had cleaned and oiled it about 2 yrs ago. So need to figure out what is happening with this thing.

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    Working on a Kuempel grandfather clock, tubular chime, I think the verge is too loose because it wont keep running and has erratic beat, I thought I had got it but debating my next step, is a different verge clutch set up than I have seen, a barrel in a barrel? and had thought it was supposed to be as loose as it is BUT that doesnt make any sense, WHAT COULD I be thinking? 🙄 Anyone deal with one of these?, William

    bernie weishapl
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    Hello William. I have not worked on one of those unit or that name brand. I would think it shouldn’t be to loose. Just enough movement that when the pendulum is started on a wide arc that it can move but stays put after it settles down. I have seen that on Urgos movements where they start out in beat but the crutch is so loose that any little thing would set it out of beat. Be interested to see what you come up with.

    chris mabbott
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    apart from a mess, a bunch of pendings :? I’m soo popular that they’re lining up to see me 😆

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    A French movement out of an “Oeil de Boeuf” clock.

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    Well, I’m still working on my Ingraham clock movement and my Ingersoll PW movement is waiting in the wings.

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aruthaWhats on your bench today?