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      Does anyone have any views on the best oil to use for winding arbor pinions and center wheel pinions for clocks?
      I know that mobius D5 is recommended but it is ridiculously expensive and is really designed for use in watches.
      I would be very interested to know what everyone uses and what kinds of results they get.
      Best wishes, Brian


        Hi Brian
        I finally gave up on the expensive clock oils and switched to using Mobile 1 full synthetic oils on all clocks. I’m very happy with the results.
        I use 3 different weights depending on the load need. For heavy loads like the winding arbors I use 15-50. For lesser load upper train pivots 5-30 and for
        light load 0-20. That covers just about everything at very reasonable costs aside from levers where I tend to use a heavy clock grease.
        I’ve noticed that more and more clockmakers are now using Synthetic motor oils and Mobile 1 appears to be one of the favorites now.

        Hope this is helpful Brian,


          Thanks Vern. That is very useful information. Regards, Brian



            I’m new to the Forum, and joined as a Silver Senior. The Clock oil I first saw recommended by some repair guys online was the Whitlock Synthetic clock oil. I bought the oiling kit which contained oil, oiling spade pins, clear crutch grease, and an Eye Loupe piece.

            I have tried in on a few of my movements and so far it seems to do well. I have only serviced one set of Springs on an Antique Seth Thomas and I used the Slick 50 One Lube (Also recommended by some old timers on the NAWCC Forums) on that in a Spray format. So far it seems to do well.

            Hope this helps




              Any suggestions for a good clock grease? I’ve been told that Moebius 8300 is good but for the price and limited shelf life I’d like to see if there are better options.  I’ve also read that watchmakers use Molykote DS in place of Moebius D5 but haven’t come across anyone who’s used it on a clock.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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