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    bernie weishapl

      Well back in August I inquired about advice on a Welby clock movement. I was unsure of the mainspring on the time side as it seemed way to strong for that movement. I found one guy on clocksmiths forum that had one that was identical to mine. He said his time mainspring was .0155″ in strength. The one in mine was 43/64″ X .019″X 46″. The on in his was 45/64″ X .0155″ X 44″. So somewhere someone replaced the spring to get it to run. Anyway he said he had the same problem with his and we concluded that it would need a new staff turned. He said he replaced it with a 350-020 from Butterworth clocks. There was not much of a point left on it and it was pretty rounded on the ends. I already had so much time involved I was almost in the hole. I happen to have a NOS 350-020 in stock that I paid $50 for it so I cleaned, oiled and mounted it in the clock. Had to turn the chime rods around and reverse them. It is running good and strong. I set the time with my microset and this morning it was dead on. As we all say one of these days I am going to turn a staff for it. The tip on the old one is worn down after I pulled it out to check it with scope and has way to much surface rubbing on the cone. Also under a microscope I need to repivot the wheel that drives the escape wheel as it has a notch worn in it and would be way to small if I file it down and then burnished it. Just to much work and would really put me in the hole. I explained to the customer that the clock really wasn’t antique and what I could do. He said the only thing was it was important to him that it had belonged to his grandmother and to go ahead. I figured with all my time on the old movement and mounting this one I will make maybe $30 profit. 😆

      So for all you guys just starting even us guys that have years of doing this will get our behinds kicked every now and then. This one definitely tested my patience. Hopefully won’t have another one of these for a while. 😆


        Bernie, I know how this story goes, I have done a few clocks now that have become a thorn in my side. By the time they are ready to go back to the customer I am happier to see them going out of the workshop than receiving my payment for the work.
        Well done for getting the job done, it almost becomes a matter of personal pride :)

        Bob Tascione

          Hi Bernie,
          I’ll bet that feels good! I hate when I have set a problem clock or watch aside for a while but find it’s the only thing I can do if I want to keep what’s left of my sanity! Even though they sit there and haunt me everyday, knowing that I’ll have to get back to it someday. :)

          bernie weishapl

            Thanks guys. Yep I will get back to it to see if I can turn a staff like it with more of a point. This one is pretty worn down and PO’d at myself for not catching it earlier. Oh well as I said you live and learn everyday.

            Paul yes it does become personal pride for sure. I will be happy to see it gone and out of my hair. 😆 Ain’t funny but you have to laugh to keep your sanity.


              Hey Bernie, I can sympathize with yah….I have had a few of those beasts from over the years…funny thing is those are the ones, when finally finished, that have had the greatest response of happiness and joy from the customer. So for me, the pay wasnt much (as far as by the hour) but the reward was great :D .
              I guess in the monetary form…. you win some, you lose some.
              Who else Bernie, in that whole area around you, will the customer be able to trust with his favorite clock (no matter what kind it is) that reminds him of his grandfather, to do what it takes to get it up and running? If anyone can accomplish the task Bernie, I think its you!!! ;) were all with you on this.

              bernie weishapl

                Thanks William. I delivered the clock today and they were just ecstatic about it. She said she thinks it sounds even more beautiful than before. So they are happy and I am happy. Didn’t make much but at least they are happy and have a 2 yrs movement replacement warranty.

                Yes I will make my staff and repivot the other wheel and hopefully that will take care of the problem and maybe be able to use a weaker mainspring.

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