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      Hello, guys. disciple _dan here.
      I need a little help with a replacement clock I’m working with. It’s a Hermle 451-033 SK. I’m replacing a 451-033H.
      Everything looks fine. The clock fits in all of its measurements. The SK has a second-hand arbor but that’s not the problem.
      When the time weight falls and gets to the pendulum it drags on the weight and stops the clock.
      I measured the suspension arm on both old and new and found that the SK was 5 mm shorter than the H. I installed the old one and it helped but the weight is still uncomfortably close to the pendulum. About 2 mm is all.
      Anybody ever had a similar problem?
      I’m lost for what to do. Should I bend the leader or the pendulum rod?
      It’s a brand new movement.
      Thanks for any help. Danny


        Hi! I’m Bill. Where did you get the new movement? I’m sure they have run into this before and may tell you what you can do. I wouldn’t bend anything without asking them first. Just my opinion.


          Hello, Bill.
          Thanks for the reply.
          I did call the supplier and he had never heard of this problem before. He’s the one that suggested using the suspension arm from the original movement.
          I went NAWCC and found a post on a similar problem. The solution there was to drill a new hole closer to the end of the arm.
          That’s what I did and it did the trick.
          So, all is well and the clock is doing well. Ready to go back to the owner.
          Thanks again for your comments. I really appreciate it.
          Have a great week, Danny

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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