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    Hello, guys. disciple _dan here.
    I need a little help with a replacement clock I’m working with. It’s a Hermle 451-033 SK. I’m replacing a 451-033H.
    Everything looks fine. The clock fits in all of its measurements. The SK has a second-hand arbor but that’s not the problem.
    When the time weight falls and gets to the pendulum it drags on the weight and stops the clock.
    I measured the suspension arm on both old and new and found that the SK was 5 mm shorter than the H. I installed the old one and it helped but the weight is still uncomfortably close to the pendulum. About 2 mm is all.
    Anybody ever had a similar problem?
    I’m lost for what to do. Should I bend the leader or the pendulum rod?
    It’s a brand new movement.
    Thanks for any help. Danny

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    Hi! I’m Bill. Where did you get the new movement? I’m sure they have run into this before and may tell you what you can do. I wouldn’t bend anything without asking them first. Just my opinion.

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    Hello, Bill.
    Thanks for the reply.
    I did call the supplier and he had never heard of this problem before. He’s the one that suggested using the suspension arm from the original movement.
    I went NAWCC and found a post on a similar problem. The solution there was to drill a new hole closer to the end of the arm.
    That’s what I did and it did the trick.
    So, all is well and the clock is doing well. Ready to go back to the owner.
    Thanks again for your comments. I really appreciate it.
    Have a great week, Danny

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