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      This clock needs a cleaning, possibly bushings, oiling, etc but the trouble is…The dial is mounted with tabs. I bent one tab slightly and it broke so I am willing to bet that this one has been apart before.

      Here are some other pics showing the other tabs yet to be broken by yours truly:

      And another…

      So we get to the question which is, when the other tabs break off, any idea how to create a new tab, post, pin, bolt, etc and attach it to the dial without destroying the already degredated cardboard/paper dial, so that upon completing the cleaning, bushing, assembling, oiling, etc phase, said dial may be successfully reattached to the now working clock?

      It is a conundrum that may cause me a sleepless hour…

      Being not a selfish person, I thought the rest of the forum would like to join in a sleepless hour as well, thus the question….(see above)



        Hi Jim,
        did you come up with a solution for your tab problem?
        I had this issue with some old clocks when I first started, I found that if I was careful and didnt straighten the tab out completely but just enough to get it off of the movement I would only break one or two. As they are not under a great deal of stress you can glue extensions on made from aluminium or brass, the thinner the better up to a point, I used a two part epoxy glue and found it strong enough to hold when I bent the new tab pieces over.
        Hope that helps and sorry for the delay in replying!

        bernie weishapl

          I have had the same problem but generally it is just one I break. Like Paul I make a new one of brass and use JB Weld to hold it in place. It gets as hard as steel and can be filed to shape.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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