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    chris mabbott

      Hi all,

      I’m sure, like me, you all have watches that bear a watchmakers serial/code number rather than the actual service date.
      I was wondering if there is a key to these numbers or a way to trace them to a certain individual.
      What do these numbers denote, are they the personal code of each watchmaker/company or are they the certification number from a school?

      Thanks, Chris



        It’s my understanding that the service inscriptions are usually unique to each watchmaker. I’ve never seen any standarized codes. I would be nice if there is a standard system out there.


        chris mabbott

          Thanks Tom, I agree, I’ve often wondered what their i.d. codes were based on. It would make sense, at least in my mind, that watchmakers/repairers would have had some sort of standardized meaning that could be read by other craftsmen.

          It’s always kinda bugged me that you see an inscription that states the date, then you have five more in code, each different.
          It seems that it was world wide, at least in Europe,, UK and the US.. Makes it pretty hard to trace the history and I love a mystery..

          I’ll keep searching and post my findings, if any 🙄


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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