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      Watch runs with good speed until you tilt it to the 3:00 position, then the balance wheel slows down. I have cleaned watch, oiled and check to for binding, everything seems ok.


        Could be a few things.
        I always start by looking at the balance as it’s moving, in the various positions, to make sure that the hairspring isn’t dragging on the balance cock,.or hung up in some other fashion.
        If all looks good there, I try re-cleaning the pivot jewels, then re-oiling. Sometimes you don’t get all of the previous gunk out of them, and they can cause loss of amplitude.
        You can also try loosening the balance cock screw a bit ( while the watch is running ), and very carefully lift the balance cock a bit to see if it cures the problem. If it does, the pivot may be too long,and bottoming out on the cap jewel.
        But this normally only occurs if you’ve re-staffed the balance.

        Good luck,..let us know how it turns out !




          Another thing to check along with what Randy suggested is, Remove the balance cock and check the balance jewels with a strong loupe to see if there is any damage to them. like a chip of even a crack. Also check the pivots making sure they are not bent.

          Good luck :)


            Randy and Jim,

            I am going to tear the watch back down. I did have to replace the third wheel due to pivot broken…suspecting there is some wrong with the jewel there…I will also check the hairspring again to make sure I did not overlook something…Thanks for the reply.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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