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      These questions are primarily for those who have repair businesses…but chime in if you want.

      1) Aside from the standard burgular alarm systems, how do you protect your clients pieces against theft and/or fire – do you use a safe? If so, what type do you use?

      2) Do you have special liability insurance or are you bonded against such problems? If so, by what calculations do you pass this cost along to your clients? (I.e. some percentage increase to the per-hour charge, etc.)

      Just curious…



        In answer to question 1, you would need a big safe if you have a few customers longcase clocks in your workshop!
        Firstly you must speak to an insurance company and find out what requirements need to be met by them. A burglar alarm never does any harm and any form of deterent can only be a good thing.
        Hope that helps a little.


          Its all covered here with 2 big, territorial dogs


            @willofiam wrote:

            Its all covered here with 2 big, territorial dogs

            I have two huge, fat, angry cats… Well, never mind then.

            david pierce

              If you are concerned with a worse case scenario you may want to get some professional legal advice. A corporation or LLC can protect your personal possessions, money, home and whetever else you own when you fry your customers $270,000.00 rolex.


                I know someone that owns a jewelry store. They carry very high end brands. Guy pretty much told me he pays an arm and a leg for insurance. He tells his employees, if someone comes in to rob them, just give them the store, last thing he needs is dealing with employee injuries or worse. He says insurance depending on coverage is pretty good for thief and damages, so he doesnt worry as much.

                He says disgruntled customers out on a vengeance does more damage.

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