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      Hi everyone,
      I have recently been bitten by the watch bug. My son graciously gave me a couple rooms at his house to set up shop. While there one evening one of his buddies asked if I could look at his wife’s watch while dropping a clock off. Its a bulova quartz and I said ok. I now have a hundred questions but I’ll start with these.

      1. I ordered a crown and stem for repair. Should I replace the battery while I’m at it or only if its bad?
      2. When I clean the case and bracelet should I ultrasound it with the crystal in it?

      All help is appreciated


        Hey Keith.
        I would at least ask the customer when the last time the battery was changed and then use your own judgement.
        Cheap insurance in my view to offer the new one in the interest of returning it to him in the best of shape.

        As for cleaning the case,..the Ultrasonic may loosen the crystal.
        Doesn’t always happen but it could.
        I usually clean them using warm water, a medium-stiff small brush and Dawn liquid detergent.
        I then detail them “under the loupe” and finish by hand polishing.




          Thanks I didn’t think I should put the crystal in there. Thanks for the advice I’ll use it this morning.

          chris mabbott

            Just to add a tiny thing to what my brother Randolf has mentioned, to which I fully agree.. IF the inner bezel ring is dirty, or tarnished, as they can become, you may want to carefully remove the crystal and give it a clean also. Not sure if the crystal is pressed or glued in on these.

            As Randy also states, I suppose it’s up to the owner how far he wishes to go..


              My experience has been if the crystal is glued in it will almost always pop out or loosen in the ultrasound but it’s easy enough to glue back in. Taking crystals out to do a good cleaning also makes it much easier to clean and my ultrasounds does a great job getting the gunk out of all the treads and tiny spaces. Good luck with your new hobby be careful you will find it’s addictive!

              chris mabbott

                Another good method I use to clean watches is I squirt a little Windex inside the movement, let it sit for a few minutes, then use the air gun to blow it out, maan it leave it clean and shiny 😆

                BTW…….. I’M KIDDING :D

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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