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      I found a pretty awesome site that I thought you guys might like. It has everything from high end vintage watches to parts to assortments of broken or roughed up watches almost all watches found here are mechanical and vintage. I personally ordered an assortment of broken watches to practice on. My shipment arrived shortly after and all watches were accounted for.


      If you guys have any sugegstions please post them.

      (I could use some better qaulity screwdrivers mine chip a little to much. So if you find any deals on any that you would like to let me know about please pm me.)


        for tools and clock parts, I use Timesavers.com more than any, for watch tools, usually CasKer. Another good supplier is Fried and Field in Oakland CA. Timesavers carries Bergeron and other top name tools, but also carry less expensive ones, which are usually what I purchase. CasKer is also a good source for quartz watch supplies.

        Bob Tascione

          Hi All,
          I mentioned EternalTools in another thread but wanted to put the link here too. This company supplies specialty tools such as pivot files, Thornton wheel cutters, diamond files, diamond and carbide drills etc. http://www.eternaltools.com
          A good one to bookmark.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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