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    Just started working on a Waltham 1917 6/0 Ruby Movement, 17 jewel, one of the balance jewels is cracked, so I am looking for a replacement… This is one of those watches I picked up back in 2010 that have been sitting in the safe, decided to pull it and it twin out for a cleaning and lube. When they are polished and done, I will post some pics.

    Done a couple of searches, and not finding much out there on the ol interwebz, so suggestions?

    Been hunting on eBay for a similar year parts movement to use, but no joy yet…

    Oh and Chris.. you need to share your cleaning and polishing secrets, been polishing on this movement for a few days and they still do not look like yours do… Spill the beans senior’ por fa’vor mi amigo!

    chris mabbott
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    I’m probably stating the obvious but you need to measure the pivot, measure the OD/ thickness of the jewel etc, and then if you can’t find one on the bay, the only alternative is Otto Frei, he has a good selection of Waltham jewels but be prepared to cough up 20+ beans for one. 1917 should still be rub in type, do you have the tools for opening/closing the setting?
    It should also be a convex type hole jewel..

    Do you have a Waltham parts book? If not, post the serial number ill see if I have some info for ya..

    We could sit down over a bottle of gibsons finest and a case of ginger ale and talk about cleaning until the sun rises 😆
    I think there are some posts on here where cleaning is discussed in waay too much detail 😮
    Try a search on the forum to find the old discussions, it will save me lots of typing 😆

    In the meantime enjoy this TUNE

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    yeah, been looking through some of the books, and source for “How to’s”, as far as type of jewel, I found the cracked jewel and set the movement aside for a later date, I have a 1927 Ruby 6/0, so I am currently working on that one. Actually dove back into watches for a short period, I have mocked up a watchmakers bench, to test for height mainly, being 6’4″, I have it currently at 37″ and to be honest, I am thinking it might be a bit low, so I will raise and lower it a few times and find the ideal height.

    No on tools, why I set it aside for a later date, I need to make a 3 hr drive up north and visit WillIam, he has some items that I am going to purchase, just been a tough year so far and have not dealt with this cold very well.

    Yes on the Waltham Materials List, I have 3 different release dates

    On the polishing… sigh… I think I have worn out the “search” feature on this website over the last 4 months.. LOL

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