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      Just got a 16S 15J 1899 Waltham PW said to run but not set. That was easy- intermediate wheel in the motion works wasn’t screwed down. Cleaned & oiled & put it on the timing machine- amplitude >300 until it stopped dead overbanked. It’s a single roller deal. Bent the guard pin toward the roller a tad & it still ran but the amplitude was about 90- life support. Guard pin to half way back where we started and now we’re back to over 300 but it’s way out of beat (10ms). I’m leaving out all the parts about kinking & unkinking the hairspring and bending & unbending the balance wheel & taking the pallet off & putting it back on a dozen times. So now I’m trying to power down to see which way I need to rotate the collet & the mainspring won’t unwind. Moved the click out of the way and it just ignores me. We will come to terms, this watch & I, but I’m wondering. Is this some kind of indicator of lack of barrel end shake or something? Why won’t this thing relax. A lot of my watches still have some spin left after I power down.



        Hey Tom..it could me quite a few issues.

        Not sure why your MS won’t release.

        This article has a ton of good info about overbanking and high amplitude…maybe something in it will help ??

        Best of luck !


        When Amplitude Attacks: Diagnosing and Dealing with Knocking

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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