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      Way back before I took Bob’s course for the first time, I picked up a Waltham size 6, Seaside pocket watch, it ran looked good, but the other day I was tinkering with something and I had done a no-no, and left my pocket watch open on the desk top and dropped a tool on the crystal, cracking it… yeah brain fart, mental hiccup, what ever term you wan to apply.

      To make a long story short, I no longer have all of my reference tools that I had then, and I need to get a new crystal, I have spent the better part of an hour trying to locate a case database (which my mind seems to remember) to get the info for a new crystal…

      Now it has been only four years, but several rounds of radiation treatments, and a ton of drugs (Rx drugs), and I could just be making it up..

      As I slowly get back into this passion, back in 2010, I had acquired around 50 Waltham movements that needed repair, some had been stripped out of their cases for the gold, and others neglected and in need of repair, so finding a source for crystals will come in handy in the future.

      Anyway, my case is a Cashier 310596

      Thanks in advance for any assistance or knowledge passed on…


        was doing some digging on this forum and came across this post, think I got enough info to get going


        chris mabbott

          Hey Steve,

          personally, I’ve never had much success with trying to pair crystals to a particular case number, I’m not even sure if such a referrence exists?
          There are so many sizes, models and grades of crystals that most of the time, especially for hunter cases, it’s hit and miss. I’ve probably amased over 2k crystals over the years and I NEVER have the right one 🙄

          I’ve been looking for the correct size for an AWWC 18s full hunter case for a while, I’ve gone through about 6 types and none fit the bill. Diameter is not the issue, but rather height. High dome is too high, low dome is too low, medium dome is no go, flat is right out etc you get the picture.
          Open face are easy, just measure the widest point of the bezel i.d. I mostly go with thick types for those..

          Good luck..


            Thanks…. I think.. LOL

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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