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      Hey All,
      Got myself into a situation! My sister-in-law gave my wife a Waltham grandfather/grandmother clock. The clock was not working and I told the wife I thought it could be repaired. I pulled the works from the case and a visual inspection revealed the movement to be very dirty and gummy. There is also some rust on the main springs. I decided to disassemble and clean.
      This is where I got into the situation. I wanted to put my spring clamps onto the main springs but because of some bracket attached to the spring, that also attaches to the plate post, I could not get the clamp on. I used wire to wrap the springs and then I let them down as normal. I took pictures prior to opening the back plates. Normally, I take side and end shots as well as front and back. I then take interior pictures after separation of the plates for wheel locations. I have not had an issue before but this time I was not so fortunate!
      As I separated the plates, a wheel and mainspring wheel separated, one or both, and the mainspring(s) did a release which caused all the wheels to literally explode. This left all the wheels laying around and on each other which makes it difficult to determine which wheel belongs where. I did take photos of the calamity and I can upload if it is necessary.
      I have seen on the forum, there are some with Korean movement familiarity. I have not found any part/model numbers on the plates. I am hoping that someone may have a sketch or photo of the wheel alignment for a Korean movement. I realize there are different movements but I am also hoping that the wheel alignment, like the American movements, is not so different between movements.
      If you have a sketch or photo, would you mind sharing with me?


        Uploaded two photos of the Waltham/Korean movement. I hope someone has worked this before.


          hopefully this helps



            Thanks William

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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