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      Hello All,
      I am restoring my wife’s Grandfathers old pocket watch.
      Waltham 18s PS Bartlett m1857 s/n477102 Grade: Home.

      Do any other Waltham 18s PW’s share parts with this watch… the 1883 ?

      well the watch has some issues of course….. ( broken teeth on the mainspring barrel ).
      am I correct in assuming that the barrel would need replacing …. ( see pic below ).

      It appears that the watch was re-cased into a case designed for a stem set/wind movement.
      My watch is key set/wind.
      The stem looks to be hacked off short, and the result was the broken teeth as people attempted to set and/or wind the watch.
      ….. just a guess …

      My plan is to restore the movement and put it into the correct case.

      Any thoughts or direction or connection would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you …

      Pics …


        Well this is one of the models not covered under Walthams Material Catalogues, I have the 1909, 1940, and 1958 versions and none have the 1857 model listed..

        I have both a 1883 and 1877 movements, give me the measurements on the barrel and I will check them to see it they are a match for diameter, thick (depth), and teeth. If it matches the 1883, your welcome to it, I have a “parts movement” that I can take it from. Right now I only have one 1877, but I am looking for a higher count jewel for my collection.

        Ok, the 1877 model has 65 teeth and a depth of .320, the 1883 has 78 teeth and a depth of .320, it shows the 1857 with a depth of .310 under the mainspring listing. So that is different…


          Hi Steve,
          Thank you for the research.
          Very much appreciated.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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