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    Bob Tascione

      For all online course members…the video download section is now up on your course. You can now download videos (same content as the DVDs) in mp4 format to keep and watch on your computer without having to be online and login each time to view them. When you log in to your course there will be a button on the control panel. After downloading you can also convert them to DVD files and burn them to DVDs if you wish. There’s a little info up there about how to go about doing that.
      Thanks Everyone and


        Bob, this is just to let you know I finally downloaded all the videos.
        Man that is a lot of material (6GB!). Made a backup on a usb stick.
        Correct me if I’m wrong but you putting up these files for us shows a big measure of trust from your side.
        I for one appreciate it and want to thank you for it.


        Bob Tascione

          Thanks Cornelio,

          Yes I suppose it is about trust but probably no more so than the trust you and all other members showed in me when hitting the “Buy Now” button for the online course.

          For that I thank you and all other members!

          Have Fun!


          bob mcclelland

            Bob. When I try to convert the downloaded MP4 files watch_1 and _2 or play them none of the programs I tried would let me open the files. I tried Nero 9 and the Free DVD Creator that you linked to along with various media players and none could open the files. I have other MP4 files which play OK. Anyone else had problems with this?
            I really like the way the course is presented and your teaching style. Thanks very much for putting it together.

            Edit: I just finished downloading Watch_3 and it plays OK, so I think _1 and _2 somehow got corrupted during the download process. I will download those two again and hopefully that will fix them.


              Downloaded watch videos today and files opened up and played fine when double clicked.
              thanks Bob,

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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