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      I tend to be on my tablet more that an actual computer, I used an Ipad 1st gen. it worked fine but I couldn’t view the lessons, I couldn’t download the videos, and I couldn’t upload images. But I wanted to let other people that favored tablets that I just got an Asus Transformer, its a tablet with a keyboard, windows 8.1. well this is as close to a laptop as a tablet can be,,, its still a tablet but I can view the lessons, I can download the videos and I can upload images now. I can do everything on this site just like I was using a laptop but on a tablet. Just wanted to share that if anyone else was trying to make everything work on a tablet.


        Hi Mcark3617 i think your doing all right as a old silver surfer i’ve been trying for months to upload my photo to the forum.

        All the best


        chris mabbott

          Problem with Apple, apart from their bad attitude and over marketing techniques 👿
          Is that if you, as a software developer, don’t follow their commands, they simply adios you from their empire.

          This is what happened after adobe, the worlds largest multimedia software developer and standard for viewing practically all photos and videos online, discovered after it did not agree to some of apples terms.
          The official story is that Apple declared their software to be a security problem. The fear method.

          So apple discontinued using adobe flash in their OS, thereby rendering their mobile idevices useless for viewing 94% of the worlds flash based web sites, shopping, video, some streaming audio etc etc.

          If you’re not bothered about the apple OS nor the concern that black shirted apple security personnel will take you away:-)
          Then you can jailbreak your device and run whatever program or utility that you wish, it’s called freedom of choice 😆
          That way you can download flash player and stream the vids to your hearts content..

          david pierce

            Where on earth have you been?

            chris mabbott

              David my brother :D

              Where on earth indeed! That pesky inconvenience called work, kicked in my front door in the wee hours of the morn, dragged me, cuffed and blindfolded into the street and whisked me away in a covered military type vehicle, I think it was a hummer, to a place where the language wasn’t English. Thus keeping me from my favorite pass time, you guys,, beer, and many other little pleasures that I derive on this hell called… Summer land, not BC 😆


                Yea, i think that same group has me in there sights also. Every freaking day

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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