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      I have been unsuccessful in trying to find the parts I need to restore this Fontainemelon movement that came in a MC Jacot 10K GF watch case. See pictures below. I even tried asking some of the watch repair companies on line that say they repair Antique watches, including Swiss, but they all claim they cannot repair this watch. Does anyone know someone that I could contact that could tell me when this watch was made and what it’s value is? How does a person get in touch with these Swiss companies to get information on parts or repair? The parts I need to replace are a broken balance pivot and the hairspring. Perhaps, because it is a cylinder escapement, I will need a an entire balance assembly.


        Hey Hank
        These can be a bit hard to chase down, and I don’t have my ebauche books available right now.

        If you aren’t Swiss certified,..you will probably have a heck of a time getting anyone overseas to talk to you about this.
        It’s become really “controlled”.

        My guess is that the watch is not worth a lot..but that’s just my guess from your photos.

        I would try to reach out to Dave at; http://www.daveswatchparts.com/

        He bought out all of Tom Misters stock after Tom closed up Dashto last year. Tom had millions of parts for some really obscure watches.
        My guess is that Dave could either find you parts, or send you in the right direction.

        Best of luck buddy



          Thanks Randy, I’ll give it a try.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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