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      Picture 4.. Note that there is very little penetration on the front foil strip whereas the back foil strip has sustained quite a bit of damage.

      In picture 5, I changed the orientation and as can be seen. The central area has received most of the penetration.

      Picture 6 show all test strips.

      I now add 15ml of ????? to the tank every session. I hang all parts off three lines that lay front to back in the machine and yes, it takes a little longer to do as I use the middle-back section mostly but, the results are worth it. I start at 20 deg’s knowing I will end up somewhere around 29/30 which may or may not make that much difference?

      This all started because I realised a while back that parts placed towards the rear of the machine seemed to clean up better (less time) than those placed towards the front. Plus, keeping the parts off the base seemed to help too. Now it’s probably just this machine and for less than $30.00 I’m not complaining. But: Should I ever buy a bigger/better machine, I would like a demo first. Probably harder to achieve than solving the Eurozone crisis!

      Merry Christmas everyone.


      Bob Tascione

        Thanks for posting this Samspade!
        Interesting and LOT’S of good tips here.
        Merry Christmas to you too!


          What was the name of the cleaning liquid you used and have you tried any cleaning with it yet? I too have run a similar test and I was a little luckier as my foil degenerated more evenly.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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