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      Hi all.
      Sometime ago I did a post regarding Ultrasonic cleaning machines (home type) and as time has past I have delved deeper into these ‘Must have’ gadgets. The notes I post here are purely my own findings over a period of time that I have been using this machine. The tests that I have performed are basic in as much as I do not have any ‘Hybrid’ testing equipment and so all results are visual and quite easily duplicated by anyone if they so wish.

      Picture 1 (bottom) shows the set up. Nothing fancy, just a cheapo home use ultrasonic cleaner.

      The picture also shows the temperature of the ‘Tap water’ at around 22deg’s. The temperature was 20deg’s when first poured in but after running the machine twice (no parts or foil) for warm up as I always do, the temperature increased as can be seen. I chose 20 deg’s because I have found that anything less (in this machine) is pointless.

      Picture 2 shows the orientation of the foil strip under test. Note that it does not touch the bottom of the tank as this I have found, reduces performance. The line supporting the foil is 18lbs breaking strain fishing line. Why? Because I have a shed load of it and it’s perfect for this purpose.

      This machine has time settings of 90 sec’s through to 480 sec’s. I chose 180 seconds as a base line for these tests.

      Pictures 3 shows the result for test 1. ‘F & B’ = Front/Back.

      Picture 3a shows the results after I added 15ml of (If Bob says ok then I’ll add brand name, don’t think you can get it in the USA though) an APC (All Purpose Cleaner) which is real cheap and does a great job. The reason I did this was that over time I have tried a number of additives/cleaning fluids in an attempt to increase the performance. I have found that, certain types of cleaning fluid actually hinder performance while cleaners like ?????, enhance. Now: apart from the obvious temp rise (no temp control on this machine) the reason for this increased performance is, (I think) less surface tension. In other words: this particular cleaning fluid allows the ultrasonic to travel through the water with less effort and so, better performance. I could be wrong, and if anyone out there knows otherwise, please share.

      Part 2 on way……

      Bob Tascione

        Very helpful info Samspade!
        Yes, please feel free to post any helpful names or referrals up here anytime you wish.
        Also for those reading this post it is number 1 of 2 posts. The second one is at http://clockrepairtips.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=196
        Thanks again Samspade,


          Hi Sam
          Thanks for the 2 posts on this. I am in UK and recently bought one of the cleaners just like yours, and would really like to know the name of the cheap all purpose cleaner that you mentioned 😮 . I understand it can be complicated putting brand names up on the board so if it helps my email adress is [email protected].

          Keep up the helpful posts!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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