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    harold g

      I would like to thank Arutha for the response to my travel clock delema.The brass wheel seems to be pressed (if that is the right word) onto the shaft because there are tiny spurs or teeth around the perimeter of the shaft and contacting the brass gear.So would that be a candidate for a wheel puller to lift the brass gear up and off the star/spur shaft.Or will the puller just fold the brass wheel from the pressure?

      david pierce

        Without seeing the part I can only speculate. From your description it sounds like the gear has been fastened to the shaft with a swaging die. If you try and pull the gear over the raised portions of the shaft it will probably destroy the gear. You may have a fighting chance if you turn the raised areas down in a lathe first. There is a large size staking set designed for clocks that sells for under $100.00. If you have one that should be the correct piece of equipment to remove the gear. If you don’t have the set put the shaft into a bench block hole that is just slightly larger than the shaft. To protect the pivot you will need a staking tool with a hole to protect the pivot. You may have to make one. Then lightly tap the shaft through the gear. Do not force anything or you may damage either the shaft or the gear.


          The arbor you are talking about sounds like it amost has a very shallow pinion cut into it, this is to help the wheel stay in place when it is pressed on and stops it from turning on the arbor. As David states, If you can post a picture that would be a great help and then we can then give you the advice you need.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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