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    Hello everyone,

    Thought I’d touch bases ’cause I know me. If I don’t, there will come a time when. I’ll feel out of place posting even though I’ll have a real need to have a question answered. (Yeah, I’m a 60 year old dweeb!!)

    Took apart my Ingraham time only movement and replaced the mainspring. Cleaned and lubed the mechanism and reassembled. Put on test stand, wound it up and it did well for all of about 15- 20 seconds and it stopped. After carefully rewinding and clamping the mainspring, I took off the verge and blew on the escapewheel and it spun freely with no problems. I looked at the verge and noticed some pretty heavy wear on the pallets. I was going to try to make the whole piece in the shop but have opted to just purchase the replacement and take it from there.

    I’ve been keeping myself busy making small tools for the new hobby. As per Bob’s videos, so far I’ve made 4 runners for my tailstock, a Center hole finder, 2 flags. I’ve also made some gravers, graver sharpening jig, and a depthing tool and a Preacher bushing tool as per W. R. Smith’s book “Clockmaking and Modelmaking Tools and Techniques”.

    Here’s a photo of some of the tools I’ve made:

    chris mabbott
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    Hey Ren,

    Not sure if you’ve already been welcomed but here’s mine….. Welcome to the forum :D

    You’ve done a great job on the tools, they look very professional , something I have yet to do.
    I’m looking forward to hearing more from you, don’t be intimidated, we’re all learning from each other at slightly different levels. Main thing is to have a bit of fun and relax while pursuing our common interests..


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    I don’t think it matters how long you have been involved in horology, there is always more to learn!
    Welcome and please don’t ever worry about asking questions, there would be no point in the forum if nobody asked questions!

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    Hey Ren, good to have yah on here, remember…….asking a question can help you AND others in many different ways, as the others have said, have fun and dont be shy…..also, nice job on the tools, do you have a machinist background? Out of curiosity, could you put up a shot of your movement with the verge in place, and then a shot of the wear in the pallet faces, thank you and have a great day, William

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    Here you go, William, here are the photo’s you asked for. As you can see there is a decent wear area on the pallet.

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    You know William,
    I didn’t answer your machining question.
    Sorry about that…I never actually worked as a machinist but, let’s say I dabble. It’s safe to say I get bored pretty easy so, I tinker a whole lot.
    Here are a couple of photos of my main machines…I also have a Cummings mini-lathe and a Moseley watchmakers lathe I just got off eBay.

    bernie weishapl
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    Welcome Ren. Good to have ya and as others have said ask away. I have been doing clocks for 30 yrs and I still don’t know half of what I would like. I learn something new everyday. I would say the pallet wear should be addressed. They can be stoned down but your depthing will have to be checked and probably reset every so slightly. Also you want to make sure the clock is in beat. If not it will run like you say 15 or 20 seconds. Also check the holes in your pallet saddle because if they are worn open that can also cause it to stop.

    By the way nice machines.

    Bob Tascione
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    Beautiful work Ren!
    Thanks for posting the pics.


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