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      I thought I would post pictures of my shed ( sorry workshop) but it’s really a shed, I have been restoring torsion clocks for a few years but I am fed up with trying to find missing screws and other parts, so I recently purchased a watchmakers lathe but it was run by a sewing machine motor with a pedal but I had a lot of problems with belt slip and as I got a dodgy leg I struggled to control the speed, so after doing some research I decided on a Multifix M80 reversible motor, little did I know how rare they are but eventually I found one in Germany, the seller said it was in first class condition as it had only been running a honey pump so I purchased it, when it turned up guess what the bearings had gone Got in touch with the seller he didn’t want to know he just said send it back but the cost of sending it back was almost as much as the cost of repair so I had it repaired, just got it back yesterday very quiet now, sent seller pictures of the old removed bearings Just to prove to him that I was telling the truth and he said he would pay half the cost although he hasn’t yet, when it was in the shop getting new bearings I asked the chap to put the cradle on backwards because as you can see from the pictures I am left handed so the switch would have been on the back, just waiting for local engineering company to make the pulley and I will be up and running again .
      The main reason for buying the course was for the lathe course ( very good so far )


        For some reason the last picture was chopped in half


          There’s something very inspiring and uplifting seeing other peoples shop and tools!
          I really like that lathe motor you setup there and also the enclosure that the lathe is mounted on. Good idea that might solve a problem for me.
          Thanks for the pictures Dell! George Howard


            Very nice. I reckon it is a workshop, sheds are made of wood.
            That motor looks excellent.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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