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    clock king

      Hello everyone, anyone on here from Canada? I’m having a hard time buying clock repair tools. If I order from the USA it will take months to get to me with the COVID pandemic and will cost a fortune with shipping costs, exchange and duty costs. I can’t find much in Canada. Any suggestions?


        How have you made out in sourcing tools in Canada? I’m also in the great white north and find it almost feels that nobody owns or services clocks with the complete lack of resources available to us.   I have had some success with Perrin’s and Somal but they are focused more towards watches and jewelry making so selection is limited.  There are a few good suppliers on Etsy that are located in the UK.  Their prices with shipping are way less than ordering from the US and your order arrives in a fraction of the the time compared to the US even though it’s coming from across the pond.



          Not sure where in Canada you are located.
          I’m in North-eastern Alberta.  When purchasing items from the US.. I have them shipped to a location called At The Border Storage located in Sweetgrass, Montana.  Very close to the border.

          I would assume there are locations such as this near border crossings in other locations in Canada.

          A few years back I ordered some antique vehicle parts and had them shipped to that location.  We went down (7 hour drive) stayed the night in Shelby and came home the next day.  I figure that after fuel, lodging and meals we saved over $600 on shipping plus whatever the brokerage fees would have been.  Most likely over $800 over all.

          Just another possible option.




            March 11 2023

            I am new on the forum and couldn’t  help catching this one. It too am from Alberta Canada and have been a clock repair hobbyist for the past 10 years. I have not had any trouble finding the tools I need. I find Perrin in Toronto have most of the parts and tools  I need, and find them very friendly and helpful. The delivery is usually within a week.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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