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    I am getting in the clock repair business and I am taking classes. But, I am still in the dark about the tools that need and which brand to buy? Any suggestion or tips. :P Mark R.

    david pierce
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    Uncle Larry’s Watch Shop always has a selection of clock tools for sale. Some of these tools are specialized such as the mainspring retaining rings, the Bergeon Bushing Machine, large winding keys, big ultrasonic cleaning machine. He usually has a lot of that stuff for sale. Check out the shop sites for Arutha, Willofam, Catskill Painter, Gerene and others on this site. These guys fix clocks for a living and know what to get.

    chris mabbott
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    Hi Mark,

    David has made very good suggestions, if I can add to his comments I would say that it greatly depends on how in depth you intend to go. What do you have so far?
    A lathe is a great addition, as is a grinder with a set of different grinding wheels for various materials. Jeweling tools are a must, and the obvious staking set. A jacot tool is useful and pivot polishing tool. I would buy vintage Swiss or American made, they’re of better quality, even today.
    I think these would be the basics.

    Hope this helps.


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    Merrritts Antiques is one of the best supply sources for tools and repair supplies

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