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      Hello everyone,

      Just an FYI, I managed to disassemble and reassemble a cheap pocket watch today. Using a $3.00 precision screwdriver kit from a hobby shop and a cheap 3x loop. didn’t brake anything that I am aware of but it has been ticking away now for over an hour.
      That being said I now know the value of a professional set of screwdrivers like bergron. The stress from having crappy tools was almost too much, had to walk away a few time to take a breather. lol
      Think I will be buying a pro set of drivers next pay check, and a decent loop too.


        Hi James.
        Screwdrivers are a funny thing, I bought a cheap set that you could put new blades into and then just made myself new blades from blued pivot steel. If I need a a different size or shaped blade I can just make one with a screwdriver sharpening guide and an oilstone. Much better than the junk blades they come with, almost as soft as chocolate. Loupes are also a little tricky, try somwhere that sells them over the counter and try them out, its much better than gambling and buying something on-line that might not be suitable. Tweezers are also worth spending a bit more on, You will be suprised how much you rely on them, you will only truly understand this when you lose them one day and try to carry on without them :)


          Good job James, rather exciting isnt it!!!!! ;) yes, it is a difficult thing when buying tools and learning their value but be encouraged, we have all tried to get by cheaper. some things you can and others you find that putting the money in actually saves money. you will find along your travel thru time that certain jobs are easier with quality tools. :D Keep on keepin on and havin fun. William


            Hi James,
            If you don’t want to completely break you wallet, I would recommend getting the Starrett 7 piece screwdriver set Model# S555Z-7 to start with. I use this set myself. They have a very nice weight with a good quality knurling and blades. If you go on ebay look up Bausch & Lomb eye loupe, I just saw a set of three 5X 7X and 10X for around $44.00. Also look up Dumont tweezers #5 this is a must. These are quality tools and they won’t break the bank. That’s the last thing you want to do is muck up a nice watch with substandard tools. I wish you well. :)


            Bob Tascione

              Congratulations James!

              Also…hey Jim good to know about those Starrett screwdrivers. Was wondering if they were good. Also good prices on the loupes!

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