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      So.. at 54 I’m really enjoying the watch hobby. I’m doing some simple cleaning and oiling on the old pocket watches.
      THANK YOU BOB!!!!!
      Well, I am so in to this now,I’m thinking about a second career…?
      I’m not retired and I need a nice income..
      SO, yall think the investment to become “cerified” is worth it? I’m thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of $8,000??
      My hobby is the old stuff but there’s a lot of demand for the swiss quartz movements..? If i was to find a way, and in the long run, would the $8k “more then” pay for its self?
      Just thinking, let me know what ya’ll think
      Thank you, Phil



        If I remember correctly (good luck), I seem to remember David mentioning that he was involved with a Swiss course which may have ultimately led to certification. Surely someone here knows the “skinney” on certifications and their value. I wish I could help but I’m just a newbie and “I know nothing”! ;)

        Good luck!

        david pierce

          I’m too old to be involved with anything but the program is called WOOSTEP. The school is located in Texas and I believe that it is a two year course. The tuition is free as it is paid for by the Swiss Watch Factories but you need to have your own tools, which you already have, and you have to pay for your own room and board while you are at the school. You can find out a lot more by looking on the internet for watch schools. Also, Bob knows a lot about the programs. If you have not already done so find a series of articles called A DAY IN WATCH SCHOOL to find out what you will be in store for. With the certificate you receive upon graduation you can probably work almost anywhere in the world. Check it out and let the rest of us know.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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